Does this Picture describe your life? I offer services that help de-stress your hurried work life.

These services are:

  • Data entry

-I can spend the time necessary to input the information so you don’t have to spend your valuable time doing it.

  • Scheduling

-Making sure you stay ahead of the game by syncing your personal and business events.

  • Social Media /Online Reputation Monitoring

-Do you know what your customers are saying about you? Today, customers are review driven. I will watch your reputation, so you can earn those rave reviews customers are looking for.

  • Travel/Event Planning

-Have you wondered, “Am I really getting the best price?” How do websites like Expedia and Kayak work? What algorithms do they use? I can help answer these questions by presenting you with a cost comparison guide, as well as ideas for reducing your travel bill, while maintaining the same luxury style.

Who Am I?


My name is Marciana Gillispie.  I started this business to help assist others achieve their business dreams and goals, while pursuing mine (those bullets above.) I love the things that I do and take pride in them. I will work hard for my clients, because I value their reputation as much as my own. I have a bachelor’s and a masters degree. I am always learning and trying to better hone my skills. My joy truly comes from helping businesses succeed, by relieving stress through accomplished tasks.


Contact:marcianagillispie@yahoo.com or the contact page of this website